Manufacturer in china

글쓴이 : EMMA ZHAO 조회: 713 작성일 : 17-11-30 14:48:53

We came to learn about your company through VIV ASIA exhibitor list.  

We understand your company is a respected name in the feed additive industry, and therefore might be looking at allocating new sources of natural feed additive to accommodate rising demand.


We are one of the largest manufacturer of botanical extract in China, our facility boasts multiple certifications for food and feed industry, including FAMI-QS. Skyherb enjoys a good reputation and experience by working with several international giant company. Our specialty lies in the stevia extract and our plant-derived polyphenols extracts. We think these ingredients could well fit into your feed additive category. 


I sincerely looking forward to have business with your company. please contact: emma@skyherb.cn

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